With my first half year of employment finished, and six more months of working fairly regularly, I've written a lot this year. Here are my favorite pieces from the past year.

Inside the process of recruiting an alleged rapist — I looked into what happens when a school recruits a player who was found guilty of Title IX violations at another school.

Is the NFL's big bet on making football safer working? — My deep dive into head injuries in football, and the denial from officials at all levels of the sport.

Steve Sarkisian needs help, and USC did the right thing by not firing him — Even though USC changed its mind, I compared this situation to a personal story of mine.

How to start a college basketball team and get rich doing it — If you want to play college basketball, you can really just start a college and do it.

I tailgated with drunk Donald Trump fans at Iowa-Iowa State so you don't have to — This was the strangest thing I've ever covered.

Why won't Republicans talk about the anti-college athlete union bill they passed? — Pretty sure this one got me banned from Benton Harbor, Michigan.

"Simply Exploited": Why a Milwaukee Bucks cheerleader is suing the team — This was a new area for me, but it was interesting to explore.

The gender discrimination lawsuit that could change college sports forever — This is another area I didn't know a lot about, but this was an interesting way for me to learn about a new perspective, and about double standards in college athletics.

Saturday was the best day in Iowa Hawkeyes history (so far) — This was a ton of fun for me, growing up an Iowa fan and getting to witness Iowa's most perfect day ever.

"It doesn't make any damn sense": Confessions of NCAA compliance officers — I went undercover in Indianapolis to learn about the NCAA from the inside.

Mississippi Valley State is playing 14 straight road games because it can't afford not to — The economic plight of HBCUs in college sports is fascinating to me.

Louisville isn't the only team using women in recruiting, and the NCAA doesn't seem to care — I've written a lot about the use of women in sports, and I think this ties it together nicely.