I'm Kevin Trahan, a freelance writer based in Chicago. I mostly write about college sports and the larger issues surrounding the industry, including the NCAA, lawsuits, concussion safety issues and athlete exploitation. I can mostly be found at VICE Sports, but I have also been published by SB Nation, USA Today, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Comeback, Awful Announcing and more.

I have been a strong voice in this era of change in college athletics, covering the unionization movement of Northwestern football players for USA Today and the landmark O'Bannon v. NCAA lawsuit for SB Nation, and I continue to cover the constantly changing landscape for a variety of outlets.

Beyond my writing and reporting, I have proven experience building an audience in this new age of media. As a student at Northwestern, I started a website covering Inside NU covering Northwestern sports, and in three years, I turned it into the largest NU sports site on the web and the most-read student publication of any kind at university. I was able to do that by producing strong analysis and well-reported stories that people want to read, while also packaging the information to help it reach the widest possible audience. Those traits are what attracted Vox Media's SB Nation to buy the site in the summer of 2014. I co-managed the site with a classmate, working as a beat writer and editor, and still serve as an advisory editor now that I have handed it off to other students. I used my experience running the site to do audience building work for The Comeback and Awful Announcing.

My experience in journalism is not just related to sports. I worked on a team as part of a class at Northwestern to investigate a potential wrongful murder conviction, and I have considerable investigative experience with public records and non-profit tax forms. While a lot of my articles have a basis in sports, I am particularly passionate about telling powerful stories that transcend the athletics landscape, and I have taken on that role in my work at SB Nation, VICE and USA Today.

I'm based in Chicago and I'm from Iowa, so I've spent a lot of time traveling around the Midwest, searching for stories. I've covered junior college football games, tailgated with Donald Trump fans, written about huge college football games and met with NCAA critics inside the system. Every story has been an adventure, with a different challenge in each one.